Due to our large fleet of electric powered forklifts, we have secured a corporate business relationship with Combined Battery Systems. Combined Battery Systems thrives on being the unrivalled choice as a battery systems brand, and helps enable your business to be more reliable. This hassle-free reliability will enhance your operational efficiency. Tara Forklift Services are able to offer traction batteries at very competitive prices.

These savings are passed on to our customers and subsequently substantial cost savings are initiated.

Combined Battery Systems offers the following warranties on there products.

• 2 years free of charge warranty.
• 3 years pro-rata warranty.
• 24 months 600 cycles full warranty free of charge due to defective materials or workmanship.
• 36 months 900 cycles pro rata applies from date of purchase.

These warranties and others not documented here are subject to Regular Maintenance and inspection of traction batteries by the end user.


Battery Testing

5 HR Discharge tests for accurate condition of batteries. This is NOT a quick five minute discharge test, but a thorough report of your battery condition.


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