Stockpickers (orderpickers) are designed so that the operator travels up (vertically) with the forklift itself. This allows the operator to retrieve the goods by hand, and place the goods on an attached pallet or platform. Suitable for warehousing applications involving light to medium weight goods and for racking up to 10m in height.

- Manual Push or Powered drive on

- Low, Medium or High level Pickers

- Furniture platform attachment for bulky goods

- LO License require in most applications

- Can be ZONED for Flammable / Dustproof Materials Handling



Advantages of a battery electric Stock Picker include:

- Extended height of manual order picking

- Ensures minimal warehouse racking footprint

- Improved stock picking efficiency & safety

- Quiet, low emission perfomance

- Low operating Costs

- High productivity / low downtime

- Can be supplied ZONED for Flammable / Dustproof Materials Handling












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