An extremely popular warehousing option, Walkie (pedestrian, walk-behind) forklifts are operated by an operator who walks with the unit. They are operated by a command post, and in many states DO NOT require a forklift operating license. They are a common solution for light loads in low to mid-level racking. Walkie stackers commonly offer the following options:

- Manual Push or Powered drive (Powered lift standard)

- Walkie Reach

- Walkie Counterbalance

- ZONED for Flammable / Dustproof Materials Handling



Advantages of a battery electric Walkie Stacker include:

- No operating license required in most states

- Quiet, low emission perfomance

- Low operating Costs

- High productivity / low downtime

- Can be supplied ZONED for Flammable / Dustproof Materials Handling


















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