Forklift Range

Battery electric forklifts

Counter balance, high reach, order pickers or pallet riders with no emissions and low noise levels

LPG / Diesel forklifts

Best suited to outdoor applications and available as either diesel or LPG

Zoned forklifts for dangerous goods environments

Flameproof and dustproof, designed to meet Australian standards for safety compliance when handling dangerous goods

Articulated forklifts

Optimised warehousing through narrow aisle applications

Walk behind forklifts

An extremely popular warehousing and retail option, these forklifts are operated by an operator who walks with the unit

Multidirectional forklifts

A space saving forklift, multidirectional forklifts offer 180 degree rotation and easy movement of long loads in tight spaces.

Side loaders

Designed for long or bulky goods handling, side loader forklifts travel forwards with the load secure at the side

Access equipment

Scissor lifts, boom lifts and vertical lifts

Sweepers and scrubbers

An effective and economical alternative to regular broom sweeping or mopping

All terrain forklifts

Available in 2WD and 4WD models

Forklift attachments

Customised forklift attachments to improve the versatility of your forklift